Thomp2 Socks

Thomas is a young man with big ambition.

Thomas was born with Down Syndrome, but always told his parents he would get himself a job and be 'off to work' something he'd picked up from watching his father.

Despite his disability, his dream of a job and purpose are now a reality as he runs his family business. Putting a smile on so many faces since 2019, Thomas' Trendy Socks, now Thomp2 Socks, provide colourful, comfortable and high quality socks for everyone.

5% from the sale of each end every pair goes directly to Down Syndrome Charities.

Made with love in the Thomp2 headquarters in Dublin these socks are extremely comfortable & long lasting. The spandex in each sock allows them to stretch to fit most feet even sizes above the recommended size listed. Beautiful designs and vivid coloured yarn will make the wearer stand out from the crowd!