About Us

Hi, I'm Tara, mother of four, wife of one and the Folds half of Nora & Folds.

During the lockdown of Autumn 2020, a dear friend gifted me a beautiful 50's Novum sewing machine named Nora, who found pride of place in our vintage caravan/crafting room and before we knew it Nora & Folds began!

I wanted to find a way to make use of my kids outgrown clothes, they were too well loved to be passed on but too pretty to sit in landfill! 

I started by making scrunchies and have grown from there. Adding clips, headbands and even pompom rainbows to the mix.

All of our items are handmade in our little caravan in Tipperary.

The fabric is mostly preloved, but I've started to add some new pieces too, purely because I can't resist a matchy accessory!

I'm now delighted to say we have a fabulous new underwear range, tho the fabric for that definately isn't preloved!