Raduga Grez Arcs, White Outside, Colourful Inside.

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White Outside, Colorful Inside Arch Stacker

This toy was inspired by the temples and churches that can be found in small villages as well as in huge cities. They are painted white on the outside, but the inside hides rich paintings. Sounds like people, doesn't it? The most important things are sometimes hard to see at first sight, but that doesn't mean you have to stop looking.

You can make different structures out of the arcs. They turn into a train depot, a summer house for a little doll, bridges over a rainbow river. The white arc is the young month, the yellow is the rising sun, the purple is the flower bowl. From each association a new game is born.

You'll notice that it's especially nice to play Arch Stacker after a noisy day: the velvety texture of natural wood slows you down and the pastel hues are soothing.

How to play: 

  • Build balancing structures
  • Build a home for a fairy
  • Lay out a face or a picture on the plane
  • Roll a small car along the arcs

About Raduga Grez:

Raduga Grez is Russian family run small workshop. We make aesthetic wooden toys for modern families. We believe that less is more and we create a different way of playing, for both parents and kids.

Founder of Raduga Grez Inna, designs toys and her husband Evgenii is in charge of production. We make our toys in Russia in small batches.

For our toys we use just solid wood and non-toxic water-based paint or oil. We keep the wood pattern and tactility in each toy. We are against wood wasting, so we use wood with dark knots. It is natural and beautiful.

For packing we use cardboard boxes in different colors or hand sewn cotton bags.