Tara "Orange" Notebook

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Illustrated by JONOK.

"Tara" comes from Sanskrit, the sacred language of the Indians, and stands for savior and star, i.e. for a strong person.
The notebook can be used as an eco-friendly notebook, bullet journal, drawing book or diary. You can let your creativity run free on the 40 blank pages.

Any pens and paints you can think of can be used on the grass paper. Thanks to its natural robustness, the ink does not fray and does not show through on the back. However, you should be careful to let fresh paint dry before closing the book or turning the page.

Technical specifications
Format DIN A5, 90 g / m² grass paper (up to 50% grass fiber content, fresh fiber content from FSC-certified forests), 40 blank pages, wire stitching, eco printing inks.

Matabooks - sustainable, fair and vegan


14.6x21x0.3 cm (width x height x length)

Net weight



Grass paper