V for Vulva

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‘V for Vulva’ is a gender neutral introduction to the human reproductive organs aimed at pre-school children and their parents and carers.

V for Vulva is more than just a picture book. It is a learning tool for children aged 4-5 that gives adults and the children in their care a chance to begin talking about their bodies, their genitalia and their functions in a safe, open and honest way. By educating ourselves first, we will be able to talk confidently with our children, which is why it is important to use the reading guide in conjunction with the picture book.

Published in 2019 by Nova Halfwilde


Text Copyright © 2019 Nova Halfwilde
Illustration Copyright © 2019 Jasmine Floyd
Poetry Copyright © 2019 Calum Rodger

ISBN : 978-1-5272-3398-0